Parties and Quarters

Sorry that I haven’t updated in a while – I’ve just been busy with this and that Christmas stuff.
Sunday evening was our Church Christmas party. That was lots of fun, as our Church events tend to be! There was plenty of fun finger foods and St. Nicholas paid a visit, we played some games and sang some Christmas songs!! Robbie was a good boy during the whole thing, and everyone comments on how happy a baby he is! I guess Ryan and I must be doing ok in the parenting department.

Last night was our Band Holiday Party. Lots of good food again (I brought sweet potatoes using my mom’s “recipe” and they turned out really good!!) and lots of fun. There are A LOT of kids in my unit – probably close to 20 of them of all ages. There were some door prizes, and Ryan, Robbie, and I each won something! I won 2 really pretty 5×7 picture frames, Robbie won a sewing kit (I think I’ll confiscate that!), and Ryan won a $25 gift certificate to the commissary!! That’ll come in handy once we get back from Michigan. After the door prizes were done, there was a loud knock on the door, and Santa came in!! He had presents for all the kids – including Robbie! Robbie got to sit on his lap and get his picture taken as you can see.

I’ve been feeling under the weather since the weekend, and went to the doctor this morning. Nothing major – just a major cold. He gave me some meds to help me cough up the stuff in my lungs and put me on quarters for 48 hours. For you civilians, that means that I’m off work for 2 days and I’m supposed to stay at home (at my quarters). I’ll be able to get some extra sleep during Robbie’s naps so that’ll be nice! I’ll go back to work for Friday, and then that’ll be it for this year!