Our Holiday Concert was last night. We played to an almost-full house and it went awesome!!! Robbie was a good boy during the concert and didn’t really start getting fussy until near the end. Of course, he slept through part of it, despite the cymbal crashes and loud music. Santa arrived at the end and passed out candy canes to everyone – he even gave one to Robbie, but I ate it for him. (Santa was played by Ryan.)

The rest of the week wasn’t too bad. I had my final appointment with the midwives on Monday to check my incision. It’s finally healed all the way and I don’t have to go back anymore. I certainly will miss those wonderful ladies, though. Midwives are so much better than Army docs, but I don’t have much of a choice now that I’m done being pregnant. Oh well – I can still go back and visit them once in a while. Tuesday and Wednesday Ryan was home sick from work with a stomach bug or something. Tuesday afternoon I was able to come home for a bit to be with him before I had to go back for a ceremony in the late afternoon. Wednesday evening we had our monthly dinner at church, and that was fun as always. The fellowship was better than the food this month, but it was still a good time. Thursday morning was another ceremony and then I was off until our dress rehearsal in the evening. It was nice to be able to spend some time with Robbie – we took a nap together in the afternoon!

My Christmas shopping is almost done – I just need to get a couple more things and I’ll probably do that on Monday since I’m off from work. And in the cross stitching department, I’ve been working on a few ornaments – one for an exchange I’m in and one to give to Suzanne & Jared as a gift for babysitting Robbie.

If anyone has any extra snow, feel free to send it south to Augusta!