Short week!!

Well, another week has come and gone, and I haven’t gotten any better about writing every day or so. Maybe someday. . .

Last weekend on Saturday Ryan and I (and Robbie, of course) went to Christmas Made in the South. It’s a HUGE arts & crafts show held in the Civic Center here in Augusta. There were lots of wonderful things for sale there, and we bought a few Christmas presents. Then later in the day we went to a gun and knife show. That was pretty interesting – I’ve never been to one before, but Ryan has. He found something for his Vietnam living history stuff, so it was a worthwhile trip!

Sunday at Church was a pancake breakfast, so we went early for that – yummy! And then after the service, we came home and watched the last NASCAR race of the season. Our driver didn’t win the race or the championship, but it was a really good race.

Monday morning we played at a ceremony for the opening of the Christmas House – a place for low-income families to go so their children can have a good Christmas. They receive donations to buy food for the families and toys for the kids. The amount of donations was awesome! Tuesday evening was the tree lighting ceremony downtown Augusta. It POURED rain for a while and was really windy, but then it stopped raining and wasn’t too bad. We played Christmas music for about 1/2 hour before the tree lighting and then when they lit the tree, we played O Christmas Tree. Not a bad gig despite the rain. And then today was a short day except for me. We had concert band for about an hour this morning before the Jazz Combo had to leave to play at a gig. We received a safety briefing for the holiday weekend before the Combo left, and then we did our cleaning details and were released for the day. But I was CQ, so I had to stay. That’s ok, though – I got a bunch of cross stitching done. And First Sergeant released me at 3:00, an hour earlier than normal. We went to our Church’s Thanksgiving service this evening and then home to watch some TV and I got a bit more stitching done while Ryan played with Robbie on the floor. He sure is fun to watch!