Another week over!!

Well, Robbie and I made it through another week of babysitting and work! Robbie is always so glad to see me when I go to Suzanne’s for lunch and after work! Of course, today Ryan picked Robbie up as I had a gig in the late afternoon. We had jazz band rehearsal this morning for a gig coming up in December. We’ll be playing all the old swing standards for that, and that’s the kind of jazz I enjoy playing! This morning’s rehearsal was lots of fun. Oh – PT this morning wasn’t PT though. We had a full-unit urinalysis and I ended up being one of the female observers (yes, we have to be watched when we pee) so I didn’t have much time at home afterwards – enough to change uniforms (PT’s to BDU’s) and get dinner going in the crockpot. I ate breakfast in my van on the way back to work.

After dinner, Ryan and I just relaxed and watched TV and I stitched and Ryan played with Robbie on the floor. He loves to play “roll over”!! We put him on his tummy and he loves to roll from his tummy to his back – he’s been rolling over that way since he was about 3 weeks old! He’s so much fun to watch.

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