Back to work. . .

I went back to work today after having been off for over 9 weeks. Robbie is being watched by Suzanne, the wife of one of my coworkers. She’s really nice and has 2 boys of her own. We got ready to go this morning and headed out the door. Of course, I did my share of crying. I cuddled Robbie for a bit before I left Suzanne’s for work, and cried a bit more, but I made it out the door. It was good to be back at work and everyone seemed glad to see me again, but it wasn’t easy at first. And then I got into working – I have a new supervisor in the training office and we had a meeting with him and me and the other guy that work in there to talk about stuff and start reorganzing the office. Things were easier then as I was thinking about work and not Robbie. Before I knew it, it was almost time for lunch! I went back to Suzanne’s to feed Robbie his lunch – I’m glad I get an hour and a half and I’ll be able to go spend lunch with him most days. I ate my lunch that I had packed and then spent some time with Robbie. After lunch, the afternoon got a little long, but again, once I got into doing stuff it wasn’t so bad. Since it was the first work day of the week (yesterday was a comp day for the band since they worked over the weekend), we had to do our outside raking/cleanup details. I helped pick up the piles of leaves and pine needles. When we were done outside, I went inside to supervise the daily indoor cleaning details and after inspecting my platoon’s area, I left for Suzanne’s to pick up Robbie. He was happy to see me! We beat Ryan home and had an afternoon snack. Then when Ryan got home, we walked and got the mail and settled in for the evening. I made spaghetti for dinner per Ryan’s request and then we watched a bit of our Tivo’ed shows from while we were gone.

Time to go pack tomorrow’s lunches. . .

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