Busy day!!

This morning we went and ran a bunch of errands all over. We had lunch at the food court at the PX on post – all 3 of us! Then we went to Walmart to find a Halloween costume for me. NOTE: Don’t wait until the day before Halloween to get a costume from Walmart. You will not be able to get what you want. I was going to be an angel to counteract Robbie’s L’il Devil costume we got at Babies R’ Us. No angel wings or halos to be found, so I got a sparkly red cape and a plastic pitchfork and decided to be the L’il Devil’s Mommy Devil! Of course, they didn’t have any horns left, so I went without. And no tail either.

After Robbie’s nap, we all went out into our backyard and Ryan carved a jack-o’lantern for us. He did a really good job considering it was his first-ever!! I’ll have pictures of it tomorrow probably. Then the three of us got into our costumes (Ryan went as a Vietnam soldier) and went to the Band Hall for a Halloween party. There were about 10 of the band families there with their kids. Robbie was the littlest of them and he couldn’t do any of the games or anything, but we had a great time anyways. It was fun seeing all the kids costumes – Tigger, 2 Poohs, Spiderman, 2 princesses, a cheerleader, Blue from Blue’s Clues, SpongeBob Squarepants, and some others. Near the end of the party, Ryan was talking to one of the guys in the band, and Robbie fell asleep – yelling, running around, playing kids and all. I guess he’s his Mother’s son – sleep through anything.

Now to go set all my clocks back an hour before I go to bed. . .

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