Shopping trip!

Ok, not a major one, but I still went shopping! LOL! I took Robbie to my local cross stitch store today as I needed to get a few things and I knew the lady that works there (there are 2 of them, but only one there on any given day) would like to see him! She sure was happy to see Robbie and even though I had my purchases picked out in a few short minutes, I was there for over half an hour just chatting and playing with Robbie. That’s the thing about cross stitch stores – when you go in one, you usually end up talking with whoever’s in there (owners, employees, other customers) for a while about all kinds of things. It was kind of nice having a grown-up conversation with a live person – I chat with my friends online all the time, but having a face-to-face conversation is nice once in a while. Of course, I’ve got Ryan in the evenings, but sometimes girls just gotta talk to other girls.

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