A Fire & A Storm

Saturday when we went to go mail some mail, there was a note stuck in our door from one of our neighbors. Early Saturday morning a fire started by our garbage cans (there’s 17 residences in our neighborhood and we have an area set aside with a fence around it for our trash cans). The trash cans are gone as is most of the nice fence that Ryan built for the Neighborhood Association last fall. Either one of the residents had something in their garbage that caused the fire, or (more likely) someone driving on the road behind the fence tossed a lit cigarette and it caught the dry pine needles on fire. Luckily, the ladies the live in the 2 end places noticed the fire and called the fire department. They were here within 15 minutes, and in the meantime, Katherine and Judy used their garden hoses to protect our neighborhood. Judy’s siding is melted on her house, but other than that and the fence and trash cans, there was no damage. The garbage company brought new trash cans today, but we’ll have to get the fence replaced eventually. WOW – talk about scary, but luckily everyone is ok.
Hurricane/Tropical Storm Jeanne visited us yesterday. We had a lot of rain and some strong wind, but nothing major. And once again (as with the other hurricanes that have come near here) there was no damage to our neighborhood. There were some branches down out in town, and a few businesses had damage to their sign, but that’s about it.

Life as a Mommy is going well. I can finally drive again after my surgery, and that’s nice. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday to have my wrist checked out because it’s been hurting. The Doctor sent me for x-rays, and after looking at them, he decided that it was most likely a small calcium deposit and told me just to keep an eye on it. If it hasn’t gone away in a month or so, I’m to go back and see him again. It’s more annoying than anything, but does hurt a little when I push on it or bend my wrist in a funny way. Robbie is doing well and is growing, and he’s sleeping really good at night – 6 hours at a time, so only one night feeding now! Hopefully it stays that way once I go back to work in 2-4 weeks (hopefully 4).

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